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Jun 27, 2010

I adore you, Kristen

Here is my number one favourite actress, Kristen Stewart. Probably everyone knows her, from the Twilight Saga and she has this amazing look that is incredible. Here is a shoot with her bro Camereon and a pic that I just love. I mean, who else can achieve this by the age of twenty?
xoxo Soxie Gal

Jun 26, 2010

Tutu Gal

Hey yall,
Here you see me in this long tutu at a rehearsal of Valse Fantaisie. I do the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam, and the piece we are dancing, from George Balanchine, is amazing! I show you this pic because I love tutu's and because I think they look so feminine. Mango and many other stores introduced the tutu-skirt last winter, and I think it's just amazing.

Jun 23, 2010

Models Inc.

This pics I found on The Cobra Snake, a website I just love!
I always love to see models backstage, and here, on the Alexander Wang show, they just look amazing. The best and prettiest model on earth, Freja Beha Erichsen, looks so rock-chic here and her tattoos are so pretty. Abbey Lee also looks terrific :)
But the best from all these pics are the braids! I LOVE braids!!:D

Our, as always, stunning looking Alexa

Hi guys!
Finally vacation, so I can post a lot more now!
My laptop had a breakdown unfortunately, so I can't post too many pics from my camera, but I have a lot of lovely other stuff !
Let me know what you like/dislike!
Xoxo Soxie Gal