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May 13, 2010

Leaves are falling everywhere

This was on a regular monday morning. We felt like dancing and when took pics in between. The leaves were so pretty and made us all so happy even though it was freezing like hell.

Coat H&M
Blouse Kostym
Shorts H&M
Tee H&M Guys
Boots Vintage Oilily
Gloves H&M


Tiny Quirks said...

where are you that there are leaves on the ground? it looks like fall!

super cute sweater

Marina said...

nice blog girl!
love your scarf :)

.sabo skirt. said...

such a fun photoshoot haha, that dog is adorable !

stop by our fashion blog =)

xx .sabo skirt.

Sam said...

Ik ga al 10 jaar lang iedere zomer naar Iseo, haha! Vandaar dat ik het herkende ^^

En ik had dit nog niet gezegd, dus dat zal ik ook nog even doen. Je hebt een leuke blog! :)

Cookies said...

Thank you dear ! :D