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May 25, 2010

A Little Delayed..

Hi guys!
Im so soo sorry for this very delayed post..:S
I was so busy this week and I just didn't have the time.. I made a billion pics though, and Im so excited to show them to you!
Finally the weather was amazing and me and some friends were having the best time :D Here are some pics from my friends new house and this lovely couch:) I bought this Fashion Against Aids shirt and I just love it. Hope you do too!:)
Let me know!

Top H&M Fashion Against Aids
Jeans Levi's
Hat I<3Vintage
Belt Momma's
Yellow Nailpolish American Apparel


Anonymous said...

love the t-shirt so much... so sexy!


KC said...

i love the look.. it's so relaxed...

DailyDoseOfAloha said...

love this hat on you, girl..